Multitransform JSFL Panel for Flash Professional

Another JSFL gadget I created in early 2005 was a panel for transforming multiple items at once, using their own registration points instead of a single registration point for the whole group. You can change scale in x or y axis individually or constraint and rotation. Works for single frame selection as well as multi-frame selection. It was originally designed for Flash Pro 8 and to my big surprise it still works in Flash Pro CS5.5!

Although my previous tools were rendered obsolete since Flash Professional UI improvements, this little gadget’s behavior is still unique. Maybe I should dust off the code and finish the panel. Feel free to leave a comment, tips or suggestions. If there are more then 5 people in the world using this panel I shall revisit the code :)

There are few things you should know before you start using this panel:

  • Undo feature is not implemented so whatever you do with the panel, you should save your work
  • Scale and rotation applies to each object individually so if you have two objects, one at its 100% scale, other at 200% and you set 200% with the panel, they won’t get up to 200% and 400%, rather to 200% and 200%.

You can download the panel here: Download Multitransform Panel