New mail notification icon for Thunderbird not showing in system tray on Windows 7

    Few weeks ago I noticed that whenever I got new mail, Thunderbird wouldn’t notify me of it anymore. At first I thought it was some buggy update (noticed change when going from version 9 to version 10), but going back to version 9 wouldn’t fix my problem. I finally got some time to read endless user forums and one particular got solution for me: Mozillazine forums.

    Solution that worked for me:

    1. Locate the shortcut that executes your Thunderbird (Start -> Programs -> Start-up -> Thunderbird)
    2. Right-click the link icon and select “Properties”
    3. Switch to “Compatibility” tab
    4. In “Compatibility mode” section check “Run this program in compatibility mode for:”
    5. Select “Windows Vista (Service Pack 2)” from combo-box

    I would like to add two more things to make sure you’re all set-up:

    1. Check Windows notification area settings
      1. Right-click on the Task-bar
      2. Select “Properties”
      3. In “Notification area” section, click “Customize” button
      4. Find “Thunderbird” and select “Show icon and notification” in combo-box next to it
    2. Check Thunderbird notification settings
      1. In Thunderbird, select from main menu “Tools” -> “Options”
      2. Select “General” tab
      3. In “When new messages arrive” section, check “Show an alert”

    Restart Thunderbird and voila – you should now receive new mail notifications.