babbles of a flash addict

    Panelak comic

    Online comic, related to the TV show, allowing user to create his own story and share it with friends.

    Responsible for user interface, programming, animation and XML based comic player.

      Lyrics game

      Online game, accompanying Slovak version of a world-wide TV show: Don’t forget the lyrics. The game includes dynamically loaded 3 random song lyrics and song samples. The player has to listen to the song and finish the lyrics.

      Responsible for game logic and programming.

        Panelak painting

        Painting game, related to the TV show, focused on the youngest audience.

        Responsible for programming.

          Panelak microsite

          TV show fan homepage. The website contains many rooms, each one is special: you can watch latest episodes and photos right in the living room, play games in the children’s room, leave a note on the notice board etc.

          Responsible for animation, games, programming as co-programmer.

            Prosody project

            Responsible for design and programming.